33 042
80% Population
reliant on tourism
1978 recognized
as world heritagen site

Social and economic impact in the Galapagos Islands


Current Situation of the Galapagos Islands

Faced with the Galapagos Islands’ social and economic crisis generated by the COVID – 19 pandemic, the Governing Council of the Special Galapagos Regime (CGREG) collaborated with Comon and Charles Darwing Foundation, researched the province’s current state. A survey was structured digitally in two parts to receive information from both homes and businesses:

Between May 22 and 29, 2020, 881 answers were received from households and 391 responses from businesses, making it possible to guarantee good statistical representativity

The employment situation of the respondents

For respondents who are unemployed:

One of the questions of the study asked:

As of today, and assuming that your income situation does not change, does your household have enough money to cover your basic needs for how long?

The situation of the Galapagos Islands is critical. The pandemic has affected the entire world, but only with your help can we preserve one of the most important living laboratories on earth. Donate Now

Our support for the Galapagos Islands can become an example of collaboration for all parks and natural sites that require conservation.

Source: Governing Council of the Special Galapagos Regime (2020) Reactivation Plan for the Galapagos province. Ecuador.

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